Motoko Kusanagi Portrait WIP - Lighting

Work In Progress / 11 June 2019

I have tested some lighting setups and I realized I still need to work more on her hairstyle...

Motoko Kusanagi Portrait WIP - Peach Fuzz

Work In Progress / 04 June 2019

(Peach fuzz  or Vellus hair: fine,  short, thin and barely noticeable hairs of facial.)

I have made the fur direction with some guides and I have painted fur density and length maps in modo.

Fur direction guides

Fur density map

Fur length map

Fur in OGL

Preview renders





How to set Refractive Index in Modo

General / 17 May 2019

I have made some refinements to the materials of Motokos' eyes and brows. 

How to set Refractive Index in Modo

First, on the material properties/Material Ref panel set Use Refractive Index to on:

Then you can choose from one of the presets... 

...or create a new preset. :

You can find one from presets. 

Thank you for reading.

Some tips for the GL fur display settings (in Modo)

General / 17 May 2019

I have made some modifications to Motoko's brows: I refined the brows' shape and drew more guides for smoother fur density. 

Some tips for GL fur display settings:

You can set GL fur density on the Fur Material properties/GL Display: 

You can set the color of GL fur guides, on the Fur Material properties/Set GL color and Tip Color-Root Color: 

If you want more control guides, you can Bake GL Fur guides to Guides: 

Thank you for reading.

How to transfer the vertex positions to an active layer in Modo

General / 01 May 2019

I've made some improvements to the face of the Motoko character in ZBrush and I transferred the new shapes to the old model as a morph map in Modo.

I made a short tutorial about how to use a background morph tool in Modo:

How to transfer the vertex positions to an active layer in Modo

For best results the source and the target mesh should have the same number of vertices and winding order.

1. Select the target mesh (foreground layer) and add a new Morph maps on the Lists panel/Morph Maps list. .

2. Select it and click on the Background Morph in the Vertex Map menu.

3. Set the source mesh to Background or Last Selected on the popup panel and click OK

4. LMB Click on the morph map and select the add Morph Influence: the mesh on the foreground layer gets the new morph map.

You can set the morph map strength on the Morph Influence subpalette on the properties panel. 

Thanks for reading. 


Create hair guides with Modo

General / 29 April 2019

After a long time I had decided to continue and improve my Motoko Kusanagi head model.
First I needed to make hair for her in Modo. I had two choices to create base hair guides: import the hair guides from the ZBrush concept sculpt or make guides in Modo.

First I tried the ZB guides but the result didn't work well and seemed to hard to groom and tweak with Modo's hair tools.
Finally I used the hair volume method: I made the hair concept sculpt for the hair volume in ZBrush, I retopoed the big tufts of hair on it, and generated hair guides into these retopoed volumes. This method made me able to sculpt the hair volumes. This method helps to create and control exact hair shapes.

The result:

I made a short tutorial about this technique.

How to create and use hair volume in Modo

1. Create a hair volume sculpt
2. Make retopo of the hair tuft

(Click on image to enlarge.)

3. Use the thicken tool to achieve the desired volume

4. Create material for the scalp part and the volume part.

5. Set the volume material to opaque, add shader to volume material group and set all visibility settings to off except the Control Visibility. Put the volume material over the shader of scenes on the shading list. This setting is required for the volume model not to appear in render.

6. Copy and paste the scalp area, subdivide with Faceted setting, flip normals and add material grup to it.

7. Select edges along the volume and generate curve polylines with Edges to Curves mesh operation and flip them if necessary (the curves root points marked with a small rings).

8. Add fur material to hair material group. Set the guide source to the volume and guides to range and tweak it. 

Tweaked fur material:

9. Sculpt the hair volume with sculpt tools if necessary.

10. Add hair material on the material group


Thank you for watching.