Scanned Female Hand Shading in Modo

Making Of / 12 December 2019

The model and textures are  from 3D Scan Store:

First, I removed unwanted shadows from the diffuse texture between the fingers and created some extra maps for shading (cavity, thickness, mask for nails, micro detail map).


Diffuse Color
Specular Amount
Specular Amount and Epidermis Subsurface Amount (Cavity)
Epidermis Subsurface Max Depth (Thickness)
Mask for nails
Micro Detail

I projected the micro detail map with solid projection on the model and masked off the nails with group mask.

Shader tree

I used Color Correct and Color Gamma channel modifiers on the diffuse color texture to create epidermis/dermis/lower dermis color variations.

Nodes in Schematic Viewport

Epidermis Subsurface Color
Upper Dermis Subsurface Color
Lower Dermis Subsurface Color

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Digital Watercolor Sketch: El Indio

General / 12 September 2019

Practice. Made with Rebelle.

Digital Watercolor Sketch: Ash

General / 11 September 2019

Practice. Made with Rebelle.

Space Suit WIP 2.

Work In Progress / 09 September 2019

Sergeant Laureline WIP

I continued to making base shapes.

Space Suit WIP

Work In Progress / 02 September 2019

Sergeant Laureline WIP

I started making, the space suit. I made rough shapes.


A New Portrait WIP

Work In Progress / 26 August 2019

Sergeant Laureline WIP

I started a new personal project. First I made the rough concept sculpt (dynamesh, without asymmetry) in ZBrush and made rough hairstyle.


Motoko Kusanagi Portrait WIP - Lighting

Work In Progress / 11 June 2019

I have tested some lighting setups and I realized I still need to work more on her hairstyle...

Motoko Kusanagi Portrait WIP - Peach Fuzz

Work In Progress / 04 June 2019

(Peach fuzz  or Vellus hair: fine,  short, thin and barely noticeable hairs of facial.)

I have made the fur direction with some guides and I have painted fur density and length maps in modo.

Fur direction guides

Fur density map

Fur length map

Fur in OGL

Preview renders





How to set Refractive Index in Modo

General / 17 May 2019

I have made some refinements to the materials of Motokos' eyes and brows. 

How to set Refractive Index in Modo

First, on the material properties/Material Ref panel set Use Refractive Index to on:

Then you can choose from one of the presets... 

...or create a new preset. :

You can find one from presets. 

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Some tips for the GL fur display settings (in Modo)

General / 17 May 2019

I have made some modifications to Motoko's brows: I refined the brows' shape and drew more guides for smoother fur density. 

Some tips for GL fur display settings:

You can set GL fur density on the Fur Material properties/GL Display: 

You can set the color of GL fur guides, on the Fur Material properties/Set GL color and Tip Color-Root Color: 

If you want more control guides, you can Bake GL Fur guides to Guides: 

Thank you for reading.